Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Day at the MTC

Dear Journal,

Today I start the best 2 years of my life! I am so excited I can't even stand it!

OK, that's a lie, man I am such an idiot. Here I am starting my first day in the mission field and I am telling lies.

I hope that no one else reads this but....I am scared out of my mind. How the HECK am it going to get through the next 23 months 29 days and 3 hours.

It was really weird to get dropped off here at the good old MTC (Missionary Training Center) just incase you forgot.

They took us into this MASSIVE room, there must have been a thousand Missionaries there. I saw some freakin Hot Sisters there too.

Crap! there I go again, I am going to be up all night repenting for all this stuff..... Still there was this blonde, and I totally would have asked her out.

They showed us this video and I knew what was coming next... the old water show.

I knew that my Mom and Sister would totally loose it, so I pulled the Hug n Run move to avoid getting sucked into their tractor beam of tears! It worked, but I kind of felt bad after, though when I got through the door and stood in line with the other elders and sisters I was really glad I wasn't boo-hooing all over the place like some of them.

Anyway they gave me a companion..... Elder Dialtone, He seems OK. I guess we'll see more tomorrow.

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Kira =] said...

so um, I thought missionaries weren't allowed to have blogs.