Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You Decide

Dear Journal,

I'm going to let you decide on this one, because I can't make up my mind whether it is true or not.

Hacks and I were riding our bikes today and ran into some other missionaries. They looked like they were bursting with some kind of news, so we stopped to talk.

One of them told us that they had just found out that we had the authority to marry people if we were asked. I had never heard that before but they made it sound legit.

They then proceeded to tell us how they found out about that right. They had heard that 2 elders and 2 sisters had just been sent home because one of the elders had married one of the sisters and so did the other elder and sister. Each elder had performed the marriage of the other one! Each couple had moved into the apartments that they had been given to live together and they would meet up every morning to go out teaching.

Some members finally got a little suspicious and called the president who had to send each of them home.

So, right now I am confused I'm not sure what to believe and that's why I am leaving it up to you to decide for yourself if this is fact or fiction.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Dear Journal,

I was bamboozled today, but in a good way I think.

When you are on your Mission you loose all sense of time, dates, etc.

All you really know is how many days you have been out.

That being said I had no idea what the significance of this Sunday was, I only knew I was really excited to go eat over at this great Family's house. They were an older couple but very cool.

We were going to have burgers on the grill.

Well when we got there and they started cooking I was starting to get suspicious to what was going on. Hacks seemed to be settling in and getting really comfortable and I couldn't really figure out why, until the TV flipped on and The Super Bowl Started!

TV.....My Achilles heel! I tried to be good but I couldn't resist and broke down and watched.

I'm soooo going to pay for this one!

The food was good and so was the game, I guess I will have to work extra hard tomorrow to make up for today.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beware of Members Cooking

Dear Journal,

I almost died today.

From the stories that I have told you about my bike riding and devil dogs you would probably think it was something like that.....But it was from a members cooking that almost go me!

This kind lady invited us over for lunch today.

She told us she had to do lunch because her sister who she lives with doesn't care for Mormon Missionaries, So she wanted to do it while her sister was at work.

Well she cooked up these delicious hamburgers and homemade french fries. It just so happened that I was sitting on the end of the table and had a view into the kitchen. We all sat down to eat and had just gotten started when I looked in the kitchen and there were 6 foot high flames coming off the stove. I calmly said "Uh, your kitchen is on fire". We all jumped up and ran in there. I remembered something from scouts that you should never throw water on a grease fire and you should use baking soda.

So I knew that we needed to smother the fire somehow so we started throwing salt, sugar, baking powder, etc. on it until she finally found the baking soda and we got it out.

During all this commotion she had managed to call 911 emergency so they showed up shortly after we got it out. The only problem was that there was a ton of smoke damage to the kitchen. What started out as doing something nice for the missionaries turned into a nightmare that she would have to explain to her sister when she got home.

Needless to say I don't think she will be feeding any missionaries anytime soon.

I also get to tell everyone that I almost died from a members cooking. What a deal!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Tunnel of Death!

Dear Journal,

Today Hackamatic introduced me to what we lovingly call the "Tunnel of Death".

It is a Tunnel that goes under the water way so it is quite deep to go down and there is NO bike lane or sidewalk so you have to drive your bike down one of the lanes of traffic.

So the first thing Hacks tells me is that we will wait until there is a big gap in the traffic and then we will go in. He told me once we get going to pedal as fast as I can go since going up the other side is a monster.

He wasn't kidding, I bet we got going about 50 mph going down and by the time we got to the top of the other side we were going 3 mph and my legs were on fire! I have never felt such pain, it was horrible but what a rush and I can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flash Tag?

Dear Journal,

So apparently there is a game that Bikers like to play here in Florida called FLASH TAG.

I wasn't really aware of it until today and when I saw it I nearly fell off my bike!

I guess what they do is they will pick 2 long and busy streets because they always play it in pairs. The guys will drive the motorcycles down the street and the ladies on the back depending on who's turn it is will open up her leather jacket EXPOSING everything to everyone that can see them driving down the road.

Hacks and I were standing at the corner of 2 really busy streets when these to motorcycles pulled up and turned right. The one lady was doing something with her jacket and I didn't really pay that close of attention until both bikes turned in front of us and the other lady freakin whips open her jacket! All I could do is stand there with my jaw on the ground. Hacks and I both looked at each other in awe and then started laughing. We both couldn't believe it.

Florida Bikers, you got to love them!