Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flash Tag?

Dear Journal,

So apparently there is a game that Bikers like to play here in Florida called FLASH TAG.

I wasn't really aware of it until today and when I saw it I nearly fell off my bike!

I guess what they do is they will pick 2 long and busy streets because they always play it in pairs. The guys will drive the motorcycles down the street and the ladies on the back depending on who's turn it is will open up her leather jacket EXPOSING everything to everyone that can see them driving down the road.

Hacks and I were standing at the corner of 2 really busy streets when these to motorcycles pulled up and turned right. The one lady was doing something with her jacket and I didn't really pay that close of attention until both bikes turned in front of us and the other lady freakin whips open her jacket! All I could do is stand there with my jaw on the ground. Hacks and I both looked at each other in awe and then started laughing. We both couldn't believe it.

Florida Bikers, you got to love them!

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