Monday, March 2, 2009

Mystery Vitamins

Dear Journal,

I'm a little embarrassed to write about this but here goes. So they gave us these vitamins that we are supposed to take religiously...excuse the pun, the only problem is all the rumors I've heard about them.

From what all the other Elders are saying they not only give you your daily allowances of the needed vitamins but they are also designed to lower your desires toward the opposite sex!! That is all fine and dandy since we can't really look at them in that way anyway and if that were the only rumor I would be popping a couple a day just to make it easier not to flirt with the sisters.

The problem is what it is supposed to do to you with prolonged use..... They Make you Freaking Sterile!! I don't know about these other elders but I want to have some kids someday!

I tossed mine in my bag and I don't think I will be taking anymore of those in the future!

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