Monday, April 20, 2009

Basketball and Teaching?

Dear Journal,

Well our President told us to always look for new ways to teach people and get people interested in the church.

So on our way home to go to lunch we were passing by a playground and there were a bunch of guys playing basket ball there. We stopped our bikes and stood there watching them for a minute.

One of them yelled over to us an asked if we wanted to play. To my surprise Hacks said "Yes". I was really glad he did as it looked really fun.

We got put on different teams and started playing. These guys weren't like the elders we played last P_day, they were really good. They were dunking and doing all sorts of fancy dribbling. I think they were showing off a little. Anyway they were good.

We probably played for about 45 minutes in our shirts, ties, slacks, and church shoes. I don't know if you have ever played B-ball in church shoes but after about 20 minutes you are starting to form blisters and lets just say after 45 minutes they are the size of pancakes!

They guys we played against weren't wearing shirts and for good reason. Playing B-ball in the 90+ degree weather with 90+ humidity wipes you out.

After thanking the guys and heading back to our apartment for a shower and food we looked down at our shirts, they were almost black! When we guarded our players they were so sweating and dirty that it rubbed off on our shirts!

I wonder if those guys will ever be somewhere and have other missionaries approach them and remember back to us play ball with them and think "those other guys were pretty cool, I think I'll listen to what these guys have to say?".

You just never know.

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