Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dogs are posessed by the DEVIL!!

Dear Journal,

I am beginning to wonder if the Church has opted to save money on name badges by constructing them out of Cat Urine and Meat Droppings!

I never had any problem whatsoever with any Dogs back home, in fact we always had a Dog at our house and I loved them. But the minute that I put on this badge all bets are off with any Dog.

Like today Hacks and I were riding our bikes to an appointment we had and we were busy looking for the address, when this BIG German shepard came running at us at a full sprint! We both saw him coming and started trying to pedal away as fast as we could go.

Now I am still learning all the in's and out's of my new bike and with that being said I was in a Higher gear so that I could get speed when I was already going at a good pace, the problem with that is that you really have a hard time getting going from a slow speed. It felt like there were sand bags tied to both my ankles and before I knew it that dog was right by my back tire!

I finally got away and the Dog went back home. Hacks and I stopped to catch our breath on the next street over. He told me "that was awesome, lets go do it again!" I told him he was nuts but a little part inside of me is an adrenaline junkie so I said "what the heck lets go" We decided that we should arm ourselves and so we each grabbed a stick from the ground and headed back.

I don't think the owners were too impressed when we came down their streets with big sticks in our hands looking for their dog.

I guess that won't be someone that is ready for our message for a little while.

So like I was saying Dogs are possessed by the Devil!

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Shady Creek Lane said...

Hi there Elder Greenie,
I look forward to following you on your adventures in the mission field. As a mom of 2 RM's I will be interested hear of your experiences.
I came across your blog from Mormon Mommy Blogs.

A Mormon Mom, Connie