Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rest in peace

Dear Journal,

I have to write about this even though it didn't happen to me.

So Hacks and I were at our Zone Conference with about 30 other missionaries when this elder waved us over on a break. I guess he and Hacks had been comps before. His name was Elder Krandle.

He told us he had to tell us about an experience that he and his comp had the other day. They said that they were tracting through this neighborhood and it was lousy with dogs (Remember they are possessed by the devil). They had been at it for a few hours without any luck. Nobody wanted to let them in and a lot of doors there were big mean dogs guarding the yard and they didn't really dare go up and knock.

Krandle (who had been out about 18 months) told us that a few months ago he had gotten sick of dogs coming after them and not having anything to protect himself with so when he was at the swap meet on a P-day he bought an electric shock taser. He pulled it out and showed us. It was one of those that had the prongs and you could see the electricity arcing from one to the other. "8,000 volts" He said proudly.

Well I guess he and his comp were just about to finish when they knocked on this last door and the lady let them in. Of course she had one of those anoying little ankle biters and the whole time that they were talking it just kept grawling at them. Well there was a point where the lady asked if they wanted a drink and they said yes so she went to get it. While she was gone that little rat started barking and knipping at Krandles pant leg, it finally got a hold of it and started thrashing back and forth. Everytime Krandle would try to brush it off it would bit his hand. He finally had enough and pulled out his zapper and layed a shock on this dogs head. He must have left it there just a little too long because the dog couldn't even move or make a sound it just sat there twitching! He pulled it off to see the dog fall in a heap on the floor! He didn't know what to do, he freaking killed the dog and the lady was coming back. He hurried and kicked it behind the couch just as the lady brought in the drinks.

They hurried and finished their drinks and the discussion and got out of there.

I couldn't believe that he did that and didn't even tell the lady. But I guess it would be pretty hard to say "Have you enjoyed this message that we have presented to you? And Oh by the way I killed your dog!"

After letting all of that sink in, he finally told us that they had gone back a day or two later to appologize to the lady and saw the dog in the yard playing. Once it saw him it put it's tale between it's legs and made a beeline to the backyard.

I guess he had just stunned it. Hesaid that he would just stick to larger dogs from now on!

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