Sunday, April 19, 2009

Real World

Dear Journal,

So I was really excited today because it was P-Day (Prep Day). We did our laundry, which Hacks showed me a cool time saving trick of just throwing all your cloths in all at once.

My shirts have a hint of pink to them but hey, I was done in half the time.

We had to hurry so we could get our shopping done before 1:00pm because that's when the big Basketball game was going down.

And Speaking of shopping, I told you that I had a Capn' Crunch Addiction from the MTC, well nobody told me that it is so freaking expensive when you have to buy it yourself! It was like $4.00 a box! Who the heck can afford all that.

I think this was a wake up call....."Hello and Welcome to the REAL WORLD!"

I wondered why Hackamatic was laughing at me when I was buying my pop and cereal, now I know.

Oh well, it'll all work out. Plus we stomped the other elders in the basketball game so it was a good day!

I think next time we are going to the swap meet to check it out, I hear they have knives and throwing stars there.

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